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There’s so much in life we can’t control…  
but we can control how we respond.


Coronavirus. Political unrest. Global warming. Personal struggles.
We all face challenges in life, but when overwhelmed by struggle, fear, and frustration, there is another option to consider.
“Just for Today” invites you to set down your worries just for this moment and tap into love, light, and healing.
You can make a positive impact.


From your health, home, family, relationships, career, and personal well-being to the most pressing global issues of our time, now there is a focused guidebook to help you set daily intentions for healing using the gentle, powerful, and beautiful life-force energy of Reiki.
Explore Reiki ideals for the first time, or expand your Reiki practice with this daily meditation guide that includes journal pages where you can record your thoughts and experiences. This easy-to-follow book invites you to shine Reiki on all aspects of your world, from the personal and professional to the community and global levels.
Grow the spirit of Reiki in your life while deepening your personal practice. Use the journal pages to write about your Reiki journey, and revisit the meditations any day, any time of year as you enjoy this timeless Reiki tool.
Written by father-daughter Reiki Master Teachers Christopher W. Pritchard and Haley Steinhardt, this comprehensive deep dive into daily Reiki meditation practice is a fun and fulfilling way to enjoy Reiki energy.
Heal yourself, heal the world.
Get your copy of the “Just for Today” Reiki meditation book and journal for only $24.95.
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