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Professional Ghostwriter

Content Director

What Do You Want to Tell the World?

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I've always been a writer. My office shelf is lined with multi-colored journals documenting my experiences, from childhood to present. I'm a poet -- at heart and in practice -- using words to draw visceral mental pictures of emotion, scene, and circumstance. I see the sacred in everything.


After four years earning an English degree and 10 years working for a publishing house, I started my own content management firm -- Soul Tree Publications -- in 2013. I celebrate my love for the craft by helping others tell their stories. I dig deep to tap into your goals, intentions, and ways of expressing, and I weave it all into the content I create for you.

Whether you want to publish your memoirs, write a how-to book featuring your expertise and essential knowledge, or showcase your business using just-right messaging for your audience, you'll love how seamlessly I can translate your vision into a finished product.

It is my great honor to use my passion for writing to help you realize your goals. Dream big, and let's talk.

Ready to talk about your project?

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