Some of Us Still Love Print


What happened to curling up with a good book to read, or subscribing to the local newspaper? In today’s technological world, we are sadly seeing the disappearance of print in all forms, ranging from novels to magazines. The chaos of everyday life has resulted in a short attention span for most people, and many readers are immediately turned off when they see a large amount of text to read. People are attracted more towards short readings and videos or info graphics. Taking the time to read a lot of material is out of the question, it seems.

With news accessible at the click of your computer mouse, it comes as no surprise that people are drawn to receiving all of their news and important information through the web. We have smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and more to generate all kinds of information in the fastest and easiest way possible. Newspapers are seeing a huge decline in sales because people prefer to simply watch the news or check out online articles.

And let’s not forget social media. Even respected news networks are constantly “tweeting” stories and updates. A close study of social media trends shows people are most active online in the morning before work, during lunchtime when people are on breaks, and in the evening through the night. This is the time when news accounts send out the most information because they know their readers are getting the stories, versus the old ways of reading an actual newspaper each morning. People can check online constantly for these bite-sized updates that our society as a whole now seems to prefer.

However, there are those of us who enjoy reading actual print and finding a brand new book to physically hold and read rather than scroll through it on a nook or Kindle. While finding things on the web is more convenient, nothing beats the smell of fresh paper with a story to tell. How about you? Do you still curl up with a good book or read a newspaper?

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