Ghostwriting: What Is It?

Notes_from_AshleyThis blog is not about ghosts and scary encounters with the spirit world. Ghostwriting actually has nothing to do with these topics… unless you want to write a book about them! This blog will give you a better sense of what ghostwriting is and what we can do to help you by offering this service.

First of all, what is ghostwriting? Basically, a ghostwriter is someone who writes for someone else without receiving any credit for the published work. Who needs this service? Anyone who wants to tell a story but doesn’t want to do the actual writing of it. Celebrities and politicians do this all the time, but you might be surprised to learn that most people who seek ghostwriting services are everyday professionals such as doctors, scientists, attorneys, maybe even you! People use ghostwriters to get high-quality writing out into the world that tells the story they want to tell so they can attract more customers and clients by establishing themselves with a published work.

Ghostwriters make it an art to write in someone else’s voice and communicate the story as that person wants it communicated. It often involves research and interviewing so that the ghostwriter has a clear body of material to work from as they do the writing.

At Soul Tree Publications, we offer this service to you. Whatever project you are working on, we have you covered. Learn more about the scope of services we offer here, then contact us to set up an initial consultation!

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